Schools Media Competition 2024

This competition closed on 17 February 2024.

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'Biodiversity Matters'

We are looking for students in Britain and Ireland (aged 13-18 inclusive) to submit an original piece of writing or an original image on the theme:

What should my written/image submission be about?

This competition invites you to explore biodiversity, which humanity relies on for health, food and well-being. We are looking for pieces of writing and images that demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the issue of biodiversity and highlight people, communities and/or organisations trying to build a sustainable future.

To give some examples: If you're inspired by Pope Francis, you might create a piece of writing/image showing how a school is conserving a local habitat in line with his teaching in Laudato Si'. Or you might create a piece of writing/image about valuing other species in your own community, country and/or internationally.

For more ideas, see Information on the Theme or scroll down. If you have questions, see our FAQs or get in touch with us at


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Competition Rules (both regions)

Pope Francis has told us that "because of us, thousands of species will no longer give glory to God ... We have no such right" (Laudato Si' #33)

Two separate competitions will be held, one for students in Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and one in Ireland; each has two categories: Writing and Image.

The winning entries will be published in the Far East magazine, Vocation For Justice newsletter, online on Columban websites in Ireland and Britain, shared on Columban social media, and published in other Catholic media.